Beauty from your beauty salon

DEYNIQUE Concept to rejuvenate your skin

Effective anti-ageing systems tailored to your age. For mature skin. Combat fine lines, impurities, small deposits on the skin and regenerate your complexion.

Bid farewell to fine lines! New beauty technologies declare war on wrinkles. Your trained beautician in reputable DEYNIQUE beauty salons will advise your on the treatment most suitable for your skin type, complexion and your purse. At DEYNIQUE, beauty is not a question of age but rather the concept of proper skin rejuvenation.

That's DEYNIQUE. Anti-ageing with a long-lasting effect.

Continue the regime

at home!

Normally women visit a beauty salon every two to four weeks, That's good but is not enough for long-lasting results.

Your skin continues to work after an intensive beauty treatment. For many hours and several days. It occasionally needs a little 'boost' in between. It needs a boost to encourage blood flow, moisture circulation and renewal. It needs moisture, vitamins, minerals, peptides and proteins. It requires protection.

The DEYNIQUE skincare system combines all these synergies to use in your home. Matched by your beautician to the respective beauty treatment.


from within!

Your skin reflects what you eat. And drink. Your skin looks good if it receives enough nutrients from your diet. Your complexion appears tired, lack-lustre and unhealthy if your diet lacks minerals, vitamins, proteins or phytochemicals. Copper deficiency can accelerate the formation of fine lines, while too little selenium promotes age spots and pigmentation and so on...

Beauty warriors

Every day your cells have to fend off countless attacks from free radicals. They are helped in particular by antioxidants and phyter from plants. Much of what nourishes the skin can be found on your plate or in a glass. As beauty and nutrition are mutually dependent, DEYNIQUE partner institutes receive ongoing training in nutritional consultation.

Vita Drink – valuable beauty elixir

You can help your skin a lot by drinking a Vita Drink every day. It contains over 200 organic substances from the aloe vera plant. 25 ml every day represents a good solid basis for the day.