For DEYNIQUE, effective skincare means: Maintaining beauty and youth, solving skin problems and preventing skin ageing.

Preventative health cosmetics

Skincare is more than just promoting beauty

Your skin is the body's largest organ. If our outer mantle is healthy, it can fulfil its function as part of the body's defence system particularly well.

Accordingly, a skincare programme that supports the functions of the skin doubles as preventative healthcare. And an added benefit is that a healthy skin is the prerequisite for a beautiful and attractive complexion.

Anti-ageing specialisation 
The aim of the DEYNIQUE system: Your skin will look 7-10 years younger than is shown on your passport. Your skincare will be regularly adapted to current changes, such as environmental conditions or age-specific peculiarities. Your beauty therapy will also include diet, exercise and anti-stress programmes.

This extensive consultation is provided by specially trained beauty experts in the beauty salon. They will ensure that your skincare at home is precisely matched to your treatments in the salon and has a synergetically intensive and lasting effect.

That is why DEYNIQUE cosmetics are only available in consultation with the respective specialist beautician.

DEYNIQUE - The brand of renowned beauticians.

Best of Beauty

Beauty & skincare for every generation

  • Coordinate skincare products that work 
  • Type-specific consultation
  • Lasting effect
  • Attractive results
  • Effective beauty treatments and regimes 
  • Health and skincare tips
  • Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction
  • High-quality laboratory cosmetics
  • Expert help in the choice of cosmetics

Ageing can wait

Improve your appearance - maintain your youth

Remaining fit and looking attractive - that's the declared aim of almost every 40-plus woman. You can now succeed in turning the clock back a little thanks to the latest beauty treatments. Therefore, regularly put your skin in professional hands.

Your DEYNIQUE beauty expert specialises in preventative anti-ageing.

The DEYNIQUE Concept

sparks off a wealth of synergies

  • Continue the cosmetic treatment in the home with coordinated products
  • Make use of the potential effects of the basic skincare in line with your skin test based on moisture, anti-ageing, wrinkle depth, firmness and regeneration
  • Every day you can enjoy the most precious ingredients and finest oils that penetrate below the surface of the skin, to de-stress you and create a good mood 
  • They counteract skin ageing, reduce wrinkles and strengthen the protection of your skin 
  • Optimise your beauty success through treatments and products that enhance its effects

Make your beauty wishes a reality every day.

For DEYNIQUE anti-ageing means:

We improve the appearance of your skin so that in 5 years you look younger than before the start of the skincare regime. That's our beauty goal.

Put your trust in a synergetic beauty range that effectively combines nutrition, exercise and skincare. Enjoy the interaction of efficient treatments and unique skincare products.

The miracle plant – aloe vera

Drink yourself beautiful

DEYNIQUE has specialised in aloe vera since 1977. With the widest range of exceptional special products and cosmetic organic treatments researched and created by our scientists over three decades.

A beam of light fell on the skin at the end of the 1970s – purely organic facial firming. Wrinkle reduction by manual contraction including lymph activation with organic active ingredients based on the medicinal plant aloe vera. There has been a small revolution in the cosmetic industry. The brilliant idea came from the USA.

DEYNIQUE became a pioneer of this very different kind of skincare.

An aloe vera leaf contains at least 200 active substances. These are materials treated as the true elixirs of beauty. Smoothing effect on the skin, at the same time promoting health and beauty. No other plant is said to have more nourishing and healing properties than Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. And it is precisely this plant that forms the basis of DEYNIQUE Cosmetics' anti-ageing products.

Feel-good cosmetics

for self-confident women with a zest for life!

BEAUTY TRENDS at a beauty salon in your region

  • Aquabration – gentle peeling without chemicals
  • Beauty Laser to enhance Bio-Face Lifting 
  • Anti-ageing with ultra-light porotation 
  • Four-Season Wellness treatments 
  • Caribbean Beauty Therapy for the skin and the senses
  • Ice Wave Facial and Beauty Laser cosmetic trends 
  • YIN YANG and hydro-massage 
  • Cosmetic Queen Ring
  • Massage South Sea treatments & weight loss systems 
  • Anti-cellulite treatments