Becoming older? So what!

A firmer appearance in 66 days

Are you looking for skincare for mature, demanding skin?
The 66 DAYS concept teams manual work on your skin with luxurious skincare. Your beautician will perform intensive treatments on your skin in the beauty salon and you will continue at home with coordinated products, in order to return your skin to top form. The products contain moisture factors, vitamins and anti-oxidants to combat free radicals, as well as active protective and regenerating ingredients.

A range that works with the synergy of the skincare products that simultaneously peels, strengthens and regenerates. And does so with

  • Severe hard skin,
  • Oily, blemished skin with large pores 
  • Encapsulated deposits 
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Weakened skin defences

Enjoy a skincare regime that makes you happy.

Concentrated energy

for skin renewal

The 66 DAYS Concept is a curative programme: step by step – day by day.

At thirty the complexion is dry; five years later it is horny and uneven. The first skin creases appear. Lines develop as you reach 40 and this is now high time for perfect skincare. Quickly wipe away the signs of ageing.