How can you calm sensitive skin?


Sensitive skin requires extremely carefully selected skincare products. Your beautician will pay particular attention during the treatment to how your skin reacts to different active ingredients. Then she can put together a special skincare regime for your specific skin type.

The benefit: DEYNIQUE Sensitiv will firstly calm your skin, at the same time intensively protecting it. It is generally possible to change after an initial period of familiarisation. This desensitisation goes hand in hand with special treatments in the cosmetic institute.

Sensitive skincare for all ages

Ensuring your skin quickly normalises

Skin alarm signs: redness, brown spots, small laughter lines and intolerances are clear SOS signals. Your skin simply can no longer cope with as much. Additional stress is caused by small areas of inflammation, caused by irritation, injuries, sunburn, acids and toxins. They can trigger "smouldering problems" in the connective tissue – known as inflamm-ageing.

Your skin now needs sensitive and recurring help. The DEYNIQUE Sensitiv line is specifically designed to be well tolerated by problem skin.



pure, soft, natural

Aloe Vera systems with lasting effects

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Perfect balance of dryness and moisture 
  • Activates the dynamics of the skin's own metabolic processes