Everything that's needed to mutually support and strengthen

The main active ingredient of the Synergie range is aloe vera, accompanied by vitamins, minerals, enzymes and valuable plants. Your skin will return to its best – quickly, deeply, lasting!


The basis for maintaining your good looks



How does it work?

Skin at its best

Thorough cleansing removes everything that troubles and stresses the skin: the pores are opened wide for a short time to allow free fats and deposits to flow out. This makes the skin receptive to absorb the Aloe Vera Gel as an intensive moisturiser. Aloe Avocado Oil helps to balance out the fat and soften the connective tissue. Aloe Vera Moisture Creme is then gently massaged into the skin to stimulate blood flow, moisture circulation and biodynamic interfusion.

What can help my skin to combat dryness?

Aloe vera quenches your skin's thirst for moisture

Tightness in your face? Irritated, dry skin?  Scaling? 
Aloe Vera Skin Gel cares and acts immediately. You'll be convinced by the impressive results: the intensive skincare fine tunes the structure of the skin, producing smooth, plump skin with a healthy freshness. It also has an antibacterial effect, preventing dryness, firming and alleviating irritations. 

If it's good for the face, it certainly won't harm the body. Quite the contrary: An extra dose of moisture is always good for the whole body. Aloe Vera Skin Gel – the best in bodycare and the perfect thirst-quencher for your skin. After all, well-hydrated skin looks younger.



Thirst-quencher for your skin! The revitalising power of aloe vera: Moisturises - Protects the cells - Strengthens the tissue.

Sporty and masculine

Stay young, active and healthy

A smooth, youthful face in old age – that's what all women wish for. Men too! And men are also prepared to carry out elaborate skincare rituals to achieve this. After all, an attractive complexion is a sign of youthfulness and helps to boost a man's self-esteem.