Creams alone do not make you younger

The Anti-Inflamm formula from DEYNIQUE Cosmetics

The aim: cure your skin from within.
Your skin repairs "eo ipso" - by itself.

What is `Inflamm-Ageing┬┤?

Small areas of inflammation are caused by sunburn, injuries, nicotine or incorrect nutrition. This causes small areas of "smouldering" in the tissue, damages the cells and robs substances from them. Inflamm-ageing - skin where smouldering fires rage deep down and slowly cause inflammation damage over a long period of time. Silent inflammations that go unnoticed in the body, can become chronic and thus limit the lifespan of the cells.

The result: skin ageing is accelerated.

The skin now needs help and special laboratory active ingredients that have a containing, calming and revitalising effect.

The new skincare formula

Supports the recuperative self-regeneration forces of the skin

Eoipso intervenes in the accelerated ageing process and influences the fast degeneration of the cells.

Sophisticated laboratory active ingredients act as problem-solvers:

  • With irritated and reddened skin 
  • Stops irritation and inflammation 
  • Controls allergy induced changes 
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Promotes the skin's healing mechanisms