Farmer House Line

Dietary supplements enhance your beauty care

Beautiful, smooth, healthy skin is 50% the result of skin-friendly nutrition. The ´Farmer House´ dietary supplement range aids the success of your treatment from within on the way to better health, enhanced beauty and greater well-being.

  • 11 vegetables 
  • 11 berries and fruit
  • California skin vitamins 
  • OPC grape seed extracts 
  • Spirulina & lecithin tabs
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Fit O Yam
  • Frish Fresh tabs
  • Green Tea Plus phyter
  • Kiowa herb capsules
  • Kiowa Power Tea
  • Aloe Vera Vita Drink

Kiowa Power Tea

with a 'Wake-up' effect

Tired, limp and listless? The Power mixture combines a number of energising herbs to get you back on track. Quick to prepare, you can enjoy this energy source as a hot or cold drink. Wakes you up – refreshes – tastes delicious! 

Proven for everyone who wants to stimulate the circulation of moisture by the increased supply of liquid and herbs. The vital elixir also help to flush through the body. The ideal thirst-quencher. Recommendation: Preferably drink one litre each day.

OPC grape seed extracts

strengthen and revitalise

The strongest known antioxidant obtained from the seeds of grapes achieve 50 times the potency of vitamin E and around 20 times the potency of vitamin C as a free radical scavenger. It also helps to boost the skin's protective collagen framework.

 OPC strengthens the immune system and promotes enhanced vitality and health.  

Drinking is healthy

and is a treat for the skin

Anti-ageing pure and simple. Even 2 cl of the Aloe Vera VITA DRINK each day can help the skin to retain considerably more moisture and counteract premature ageing.

Useful tip for added enjoyment: Mix yourself a fruit cocktail every day. Fruit juices strengthen us.Soft fruit in particular is said to promote health and vitality. Even 20 ml of Vita Drink is the equivalent of one glass of fruit juice.