The sophisticated beauty formula

The DEYNIQUE `YIN YANG formula' makes use of the Asian philosophy of mutual opposites in nature: hot - cold, plus - minus, light - dark, calming - activating, ageing - regenerating. These natural processes of change can be positively used through targeted skincare with matching products.

A complete range with today's most powerful anti-ageing active substances has a balancing and harmonising effect.

'Indentations' on your rear?

The Body Care Set offers help

Cellulite, often known as 'orange peel', can often spoil the look of your bottom, thigh and hip region. The "YIN YANG New Body Care Set" helps you to tackle unpleasant cellulite. The affected areas of the body are massaged with the body roller with gentle pressure from top to bottom. This action mobilises latent fats, reducing the appearance of orange peel. Finally "Anti Cellulite Body Forming Cream" is applied.

Our motto: firm not flabby.

If your YIN and YANG are in equilibrium

Your energy levels will stabilise and renewal processes will be set in motion

Preventative and regenerating effect.

  • Stops the loss of elasticity
  • Moisturises
  • Improves the appearance of the skin
  • Strengthens the skin's own defence mechanisms
  • Reinforces the structure of the skin 
  • Fine tunes tissue structures