Sooner or later we all have to deal with it – sadly.

Counteract the specific signs of skin ageing!

The skin's moisture store dries out – the skin's collagen framework becomes fragile – the skin’s elasticity visibly declines...

Worries or spasmodic facial expression reflexes, for example when squinting in bright light, reinforce deep lines in the skin's tissue. In addition comes Inflamm-ageingcaused by sunburn or small inflammatory points that spread like a smouldering fire through the tissue. You've just solved one problem when the next one presents itself. This is all part and parcel of life, as the skin resembles an ongoing construction site.

And yet there is cosmetic and nutritional physiological help to combat everything!

What precisely needs to be done?

Prevention can preserve beauty

  • Take advantage of the professional help offered by your beauty experts.
  • Allow them to look after your skin at least once a month in the beauty salon.
  • Ask for an extensive skin test from your beautician every six months.
  • Allow your beauty expert to offer advice on the selection of skincare products.

These precautionary steps can preserve your beauty, identify problems early, introduce targeted measures and significantly help to combat skin ageing. To ensure that, ten years down the line, you do not regret not having done more for your skin.

Premium treatments

Treatments with lasting effects.

At DEYNIQUE you will find over 66 special treatmentsdeep-acting beauty regimes and skin regeneration with a recurring effect.
Your DEYNIQUE beautician will use the five-part skin test to determine:

  • Your skin's moisture levels
  • The degree of hard skin and tension
  • The depth of fine lines and wrinkles
  • The elasticity of the connective tissue
  • The repair potential for regeneration

Deep-acting treatment concepts

Based on this, your beautician will provide you with suggested treatments and recommended products precisely matched to your skin type for use in the home. Nothing is left to chance! Everything is aimed at long-lasting effects.

Facial toning
Muscle relaxation & training

Day treatments

Deep action

The toughest problems for a smooth and firm skin lie just beneath the surface. They require deep-acting treatment regimes. Your skin expert will overcome this challenge. Preferably with a fine skincare regime.

However, what if you want to look especially good on certain days or evenings?
Then a fine 'flash facelift' will help.
This involves the gentle removal of skin deposits, a vital massage, the application of line fillers and a gentle laser puncture. Duration: 90 Minutes.

Why not ask for other 'Day treatments'? Maybe for...

  • Social events
  • Gala evenings, balls, receptions
  • Business events / corporate dinners
  • Weddings or other family celebrations
  • Annual gatherings



Experts in anti-ageing with lasting effects

  • Do you tend to have puffy eyes and dark shadows around your eyes?
  • Do you want your skin to become more resistant?
  • Are the very first age spots becoming visible?
  • Would you like to get rid of wrinkles, redness or spots?