Removes nothing from the skin

Simply cool down and experience deep relaxation

Some days you simply want to fly off the handle. Sadly, very few manage to avoid this. By contrast, it is better to quickly maintain a cool head and show stress the red card. Even better – book yourself a Venetian Ritual from your beautician. This cosmetic treatment helps on three levels. Right at the start, your face receives an ice-cold but pleasant shock. This is good for the cells. It is like a jolt through the skin. It awakens tired cells A first-class cosmetic experience. 

Venetian Ritual




We have designed a beautiful cold mask like an ICE CREAM. With 5 active ingredients in two versions: Strawberry or Cappuccino mask. It cools the head for 20 minutes. Like a Kneipp spa treatment for the face.

Salto Vitale

Stay cool, boost your energy levels

Biodynamic lymph activation follows in the second step. Accumulated waste materials in the tissue are moved; any blockages under the eyes drained. The face is freed from lymphatic burdens internally to ensure that your complexion appears more energetic. It all happens while you are relaxing.

Dreamlike enjoyment
Enjoy the treatment as if you were embracing a day on the Venice Lido. Gondolas instead of cars, canals instead of streets. Ice cream and gold. Dream of the sea. Quite simply be yourself. Your spirit needs that. Your body follows your spirit. Your skin regenerates. This is the Venetian Ritual at its most beautiful. 

Ice meets gold

Done and dusted

The third step is worth its weight in gold. Once your skin tissue has been cleansed and your cells shocked until they are 'wide-awake', gold is massaged into your complexion – fine 24 carat gold flakes.

There is no question that the skin tolerates gold exceptionally well. Gold provides the complexion with stability. Gold breaks up the light, with the result that lines and wrinkles can scarcely be seen. Gold strengthens the skin's resistance, doing the skin so much good. Gold makes you beautiful.

A perfect gift.

What to give the person who has it all?
Preferably something extraordinary!
A voucher for a Venetian Ritual.
This cosmetic treatment is even very popular among men. Stressed managers, lawyers, businesswomen and anyone who suffers from stress swear by this treatment.

Gift vouchers available from the beauty salon.