It’s definite: Aquabration gently and carefully removes deposits, hardened skin and greyness. You're left with younger-looking skin.

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With intradermal triple effect and a feel-good factor to look years younger:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Deep massage
  3. Anti-ageing boost
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Meso Beauty Therapy

Would you like to look younger? We can do that straight away. Meso Beauty Therapy to prevent premature ageing and combat wrinkles and lines.

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Oxylaron Therapy

Free your face from deposits. Then supply it with 100% pure oxygen. Fill lines with hyaluron and laser the complexion until it is smooth.

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Pora Pur Exploring Lifting

Free the skin of deposits and fill it with regenerating, anti-ageing active ingredients. Experience the reawakening of your complexion.

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Oxygen Transmission

Cell power under an oxygen shower.
100% pure oxygen regenerates your skin while you relax.

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Yin Yang Treatments

Your body, mind and skin are in a good place if YIN and YANG are balanced. Cosmetic treatments to combat flaws, lines and energy-deficient skin are very efficient in this harmonious state.

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XO CELL Plasma Streaming

Wrinkles, folds, fine lines, scars or pigmentation can be physio-dynamically improved using XO CELL Plasma. 

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