Blemished skin, blocked pores, flabby skin?

Nothing is as erotic as pure, beautiful skin.

The face appears younger when the person's complexion is radiant and pure. First toxin-binding beauty-ceuticals penetrate into the skin tissue, The magnetic forces draw harmful toxins from the skin. At the same time, the gentle magnetic massage activates the lymph glands so that more deposits, acids and harmful toxins can be drained by the lymphatic flow. The treatment makes the connective tissue softer, contours firmer, tighter and younger.

A first-class mineral mask fixes impurities, hardened skin, deposits and absorbs everything. Even after just a short time, it magnetically draws everything out of your face.

open - clarify - fill - seal

Detoxifies and rejuvenates! Toxins are magnetically removed from the skin The result: a pure complexion and smooth skin.


A small treatment with a big effect

1. Magnet massage with antiTOX
Small magnets draw all the irritants from the skin. Impurities are located, encased and very gently magnetically removed.

2. Bio-Dermabration
In this method, enzymes locate hardened skin, deposits, spots, pustules and unevenness. The surface is gently peeled - without any pain.

The treatment result even surprises beauty professionals: The skin texture is softer, almost poreless and velvety.