Intensive peeling with the gentle power of water

Does your skin sometimes feel rough and uneven? Do you more frequently discover uneven areas, greyness or dry patches on your face?
Allow a professional beautician to free your complexion from impurities. Aquabration clarifies and cleanses your skin, rather like a steam jet, while you relax. Ultra-pleasant - without irritating crystals or sand. It deals with all the problem areas: deposits, hardened skin, incrustation. Extremely effective, even on sensitive skin.

 No sand.
No crystals.
No chemicals.

The result is impressive:

Even, smooth skin on your face and neck.

A deep skin "peel" helps to prepare the skin and improves the results of a Mesolift, ultrasound, Queen Ring Massage and other anti-ageing treatments.

Aquabration to combat lines -­ a facial treatment with immediate results.