Ice Wave Facial


Bring out the best in your face.

Screen work, a lack of sleep, stress and air-conditioned rooms exhaust the skin and eyes. You can help to counter this! Massaging vials of active ingredients with the Ice Facial are a treat for the face and eyes.

A fast remedy for tired cells or a sallow complexion.

The treatment is like a soothing balm for your skin

The ice waves refresh your skin and the cold shock revives cells and opens up pores. An ideal time for massaging in anti-ageing active substances.


Cool-down effect with 'flash firming'

Ask in a DEYNIQUE-beauty salon about ice-cold treatments using the 'ACE mask' or using 'vials of active agents'. Your beauticians will be happy to demonstrate effective care steps and the correct use of the blue ice balls. Treat yourself to a short beauty treatment and make your face even more attractive and expressive.



Revitalises. Cools. Refreshes.
Wakes you up.

Handy hint:

"Keeping it cool" is essential with bruises, lesions, swelling and sunburn. So much the better if you have an 'Ice Facial' in your fridge.