Face Filling Intra Derm Jet

Salon beauty with a triple effect

Firstly thoroughly cleanse…
Face Filling works by a simple principle. High air pressure intradermally cleanses hard skin, deposits, dirt and blackheads. Deep into the pores, the tiniest corners, crevices and folds where bacteria and contaminants hide, which impairs the complexion.  

Get your skin under control.

Complexion deep cleansed, what next?

Lymphatic stimulation

Immaculately cleaned
After your complexion has been thoroughly cleansed, the deep massage begins. The high air pressure stimulates the lymph glands, and problem areas under the eyes are unblocked. Your skin becomes more elastic.

The treatment ends by filling lines, folds and wrinkles. There is a tailored, organic cocktail of active ingredients for all skin types with pleasant, gentle air pressure blown directly into the problem areas.

The result?
A glowing, smooth complexion. Skin tissue appears tighter, wrinkles and lines are reduced.