Oxylaron Four Phase Therapy

Return to a pure, energetic complexion

When skin tone becomes weak and your complexion looks tired – then it's high time for an oxylaron treatment. This therapy uses oxygen to help cells, conditions the complexion with hyaluron, peptides, green tea and apple stem cells. Modern laser technology optimises the repair potential of the fillers.

Facial skincare in 4 steps

Turbo-effect skincare



First phase:

Surface smoothing

Second phase:


Third phase:

Oxygen power

Fourth phase:

The power of the active ingredients

Firmness brings out the best in your face

Your skin needs help

The oxylaron treatment is specially applied

  • To combat forehead lines, crows feet and laughter lines
  • To very dry skin / on the face and neck
  • To counteract very deep lines on the cheeks and neck
  • To combat weakening skin tone
  • To stimulate the entire face

Oxylaron treatments are finely tuned for the skin of the over-40's and are slightly stronger for the skin of the over-55s. Ideal for women who specifically want to fight off wrinkles and the signs of age on their face.

Your skin works hard to renew used substances, coordinate moisture and ward off UV rays. Products with the same active ingredients that are so nourishing to you in the beauty salon can help to support these processes.

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