Pora Pur Exploring Lifting

Reanimation of your skin

Total renewal of the appearance of the skin

Nothing is as valuable for an energetic, young appearance and as sensitising to the cells as pure oxygen. Oxygen helps your skin to glow!

It's a fact:
the skin of over 58% of over 40's women is under-supplied with oxygen!

Oxygen is power

Why is oxygen so important for our skin?

  • Supplies energy to the cells
  • Improves the metabolism
  • Increases the resistance of the tissue to stretch 
  • Dissipates bacteria 
  • Rebuilds damaged skin tissue 
  • Overcomes the skin's horny cell barrier so that more active ingredients can enter the skin

Cell power by means of an oxygen shower - the result? Delicate, almost pore-free and velvety soft skin!