Yin Yang Energy Two Lift

Balances the skin

Asian beauty principle: 
A person's body, mind and skin are in harmony when two bipolar forces are balanced: YIN and YANG. If our YANG rises, we become more active and more dynamic, which, in extreme cases, can explode into stress. YIN creates calmness, balance and, in an exaggerated form, can make a person tired, listless and reduce their drive. All this stresses the skin. The aim of a YIN YANG treatment is to create a balance of opposing forces. Cosmetic treatments to combat blemishes, lines and energy-deficient skin are very efficient in this harmonious state.

Savour the feelings of happiness that gets under your skin!

Tired, lacking in energy, listless?

Oxygen makes you beautiful

Too little oxygen blocks the flow of energy. Medical oxygen is offered on two levels in the YIN YANG treatment.

  • You inhale concentrated fresh oxygen to revitalise the entire body.
  • The face and primarily the problem zones – dry areas, lines and wrinkles – are flooded with oxygen. It includes minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. This prepares the body for the next repair stage.

Two Elements Mask

Global novelty – with a repair factor

YANG starts to activate the driving force triggered by the Two Elements Mask: An unknown energy throbs, tingles, swirls, and pulsates in the face. A world first to activate sluggish repair potential: YANG refreshes, cools and invigorates the cells prior to an intensive flow of blood including oxygen circulation.

While the face bubbles, the calming element YIN is introduced. The beautician uses a cold light laser along the meridians to laser the hard-working skin and applies recurring and balancing active repair ingredients.

YANG weakens, while YIN rises - you simply need to have experienced it