Don't put it off

Your face shows the make-up free truth. It glows when we are in a good mood and becomes pale with fright. Stress, worry, lengthy sunbathing, alcohol and tobacco smoke all leave clear traces in addition to the skin's natural ageing process.

Your face shows the reality

Your skin suffers and dries out if the air conditioning system is running at full blast. Freezing cold and dry air have the same effect. Even small lesions on the skin, redness and spots on the face can trigger a smouldering fire – known as inflamm-ageing.

The avoidable suddenly appears: dryness turns into lines, the smouldering fire develops into fine lines, and fine lines develop into wrinkles.

Don't worry! You'll soon regain your smooth skin with prevention and repeat care.

Quickly book an appointment with a DEYNIQUE beauty expert as soon as your skin becomes dry or shows the first signs of wrinkles and lines. The earlier you start your anti-ageing regime, the faster your skin will regain its firmness.

In focus?

Smooth, youthful skin 

Don't fear wrinkles. Thanks to modern DEYNIQUE treatment methods even existing wrinkles can be significantly reduced until they almost disappear. Bio-Face-Lifting is the ideal entry-level treatment to combat your lines. Proven. Value for money. Fast.

Do something for yourself, for your skin, for your radiance.