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Is it sometimes difficult to get your skin under control?
And are you just starting to see the first lines or wrinkles on your face?
Take the easy way to maintain your appearance. Make an appointment with a skin expert, a beautician with DEYNIQUE expertise in your area.

The optimum combination of natural beauty methods, intelligent beauty technology and good advice will maintain your skin in the best condition.

Premium-Beauty – In DEYNIQUE beauty salons


Pimples, pustules, spots?

Alleviating skin flaws is not just your aim but also the focus of our qualified cosmetic institutes.

But what really works? By means of dermatological analysis beauty experts will determine the cause of skin blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines. The beauty plan designed on the basis of this will take into account preventative and recuperative anti-ageing techniques.

You also want to:

  • Reduce redness and couperose
  • Treatments to combat skin blemishes and flaws
  • Alleviate wrinkles and visually rejuvenate the face
  • Look younger than your passport states

Why regular skin analysis?

A skin test can preserve your beauty

Our skin is subject to many influences – our skin is constantly changing. We can counteract these changes. Using computer-based technology we test what treatments and active ingredients your skin can withstand and which not. Even when you are young, it helps to look deep into the skin to forestall skin problems.

The following are tested:

Moisture contentDepth of the skin layer     Skin framework
Level of horny skin     Potential for repairElasticity values
pH valueCell spacingWrinkle depth
ChangesBlood flow   Acidosis

The tolerability of active ingredients as well. The consultation, the choice of treatment and the personal skincare recommendations are based on these factors.

What awaits you in a DEYNIQUE beauty salon?

Reliable results - Fair prices - Best results

Your beauty expert will select the right product from 66 treatments to help, cure and firm your skin and make it pure and fine. Most of our partners have multiple qualifications: beautician, face designer, beauty expert.

 You will not just be pampered in DEYNIQUE beauty salons – a feeling of well-being goes hand in hand with lasting effects for your skin! 

Take advantage of our intensive cooperation with cosmetic studios.

As a customer at a DEYNIQUE beauty salon you can look forward to:

  • A skincare concept matched to your skin type
  • Treatments with lasting effects that will gradually make you appear more attractive
  • Careful advice and skincare
  • The great feeling that comes from being well looked after

Regular training on treatment and products and intensive support make our partners into real beauty experts. Close and permanent contact connects and strengthens. To improve your good health!

What can you expect from our partner institutes?



Expert consultation on your appearance

Your personal skincare plan after intensive skin diagnostics

The latest, modern treatment methods

Products designed for at-home skincare

Cutting-edge treatment results

Hints for a healthy lifestyle