What keeps you so young?

Your heart and DEYNIQUE

Discover what your skin really needs. And what it doesn't need. What regenerates the skin and what makes it look younger. The 5-part organic test in DEYNIQUE Partner Cosmetic Studios offers you reliability.
On all fronts. From top to toe. With facial care and weight control. Do you look younger or older than your peers?

  • Cosmetic treatments for skin problems
  • Well-being and wellness massages
  • Intensive treatments to combat skin-ageing
  • Biological lifting methods to combat lines, creases and wrinkles.
  • 'Flash firming' for special occasions
  • Cellulite treatment and body care
  • "Slim-it" systems for weight reduction
  • Breast firming and makeover
  • Bioenergetic YIN YANG method
  • Anti-stress cosmetic treatments

The comprehensive beauty range – for skin that feels like velvety soft.

Stress, age spots, UV damage?

Not a problem!

Your skin often reacts frenetically when job, home and worries start playing on your mind. What about an about an anti-stress treatment?

Too much sun? The sun leads to dryness, thickens the complexion and ages the skin. A lot of these issues can be "repaired" using targeted beauty treatments.

Your beauty expert has powerful weapons to combat pigmentation and age spots with DEYNIQUE.

Beauty rituals – that really work!

You don't need to travel halfway around the world. The best beauty treatments are close to home. Slick and chic. In your beauty salon.

Asian or Swedish? Hot or ice-cold? Relaxing or energetic? Caribbean flair or Hawaiian exotic? Aroma or aloe vera? Fen or sea? With gold or silver? The finest and best cosmetics. 

And it all works...works...works.

DEYNIQUE - the synergetic beauty concept.

Systematically counteract ageing

Cosmetic treatments and skincare products complement and enhance each other.
In a five-part skin test, your beautician will determine what your skin needs and put together a holistic skincare plan. She will use state-of-the-art technology to determine what works best and what doesn't.